Academic Blocks

To meet the educational activities, the college has two academic blocks, that is School Block and Capt Muhammad Usman Ali Shaheed Block (named after Captain Muhammad Usman Ali Shaheed, an ex-batrasian who embraced Shahdat on 26 November 2011 at Salala in Mohamand Agency). Classes of Senior Section (9th – 2nd) are carried in School Block whereas classes of Junior Section (7th to 8th) are conducted in Captain Muhammad Usman Shaheed Block. English Language Lab, Chinese and Arabice Language Labs, Computer Lab and Library are also functioning in the same complex whereas science labs like physics, chemistry and bio are functioning in School Block. These are equipped with modern apparatus.


The college has eight residential hostels which are named Houses.  On admission, the scout cadets are allotted different houses. Every House is under the control of a resident House Master, an Assistant House Master and cadet prefectorial staff, who supervise, conduct and guide the scout cadets activities. They look after their welfare and help them solve their personal problems and difficulties. The house is the focus of the scout cadets daily life. It provides a community of friendship and supports an atmosphere of social activities and academic awareness. All Houses have their own recreation rooms to provide the Scout Cadets opportunities to play indoor games and watch TV in their free time and on holidays. The televisions are connected with a cable network where weekend movies, educational films and some selected channels are screened. All houses have their own identity represented through House Flag and Colour. Every house has a motto which gives strength and vitality to the cadets and they struggle and endeavour to materialize the motto of their respective house whether it is academic field or that of co-curricular activities. The mottos of the houses or as follow:-

S.No House  
1. Jinnah
2. Kaghan
3. Iqbal
4. Mehran
5. Khyber
6. Neelum
7. Ravi
8. Bolan



Physical training and fitness is the hallmark of PSCC Batrasi. This Training is imparted by qualified Physical Training Instructors. To meet the requirements the state of the art training facilities, a gymnasium has been added to the college structure equipped with badminton, table tennis, boxing and other physical fitness gears.


To meet the educational, recreational and administrative requirements of the college, the college has been equipped with one luxury bus, two van, one loader, Suzuki van and an ambulance.


The college has a 6-bed hospital managed by a qualified doctor and assisted by trained nursing staff from the Army Medical Corps. The scout cadets are also entitled for medical treatment at the Combined Military Hospital, Abbottabad and DHQ Mansehra. In case a cadet is to be operated upon, effort is made to inform the parents/guardians. However, if there is no time to inform them, such cadets are operated upon without any delay. The parents/ guardian will have no objection for emergent surgery.


A vast and well-decorated mess hall is available to meet the requirements of a residential institution. To train the young scout cadets in mess mannerism frequent dinner nights are held. For the efficient functioning of the mess a staff member is appointed as Messing Officer alongwith a permanent Mess Manager who controls the overall working of the mess. Every effort is made to provide hygienic, balanced and nutritious diet to the cadets. Meals include breakfast, milk during the break, lunch, evening tea and dinner.



To ensure the security and safety of the cadets while travelling, the college administration arranges buses during Eid holidays, Summer and Winter Breaks and others holidays, which pick the cadets from the campus and drop them at their respective destinations like Multan, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Sargodha, Islamabad and Peshawar. The cadets are allowed to avail the facility if their parents/guardians provide authority to travel alone.