O & A Level Classes

Cambridge education (O & A Level) is an international and more advanced education. It is provided by Cambridge University England. It is more conceptual and based on understanding. Also by this education, students are given more knowledge who can prove their potential internationally.

By O & A level education students go through the detail study of both the theory and practical. By this programme the students get strong base in their career and touch the heights of their future. By this education a student becomes a practical man in his future and can apply practically his knowledge and can meet the future challenges.

A student studying three years in O Level, appears in the Cambridge university international examinations and gets O Level certificate from Cambridge university England. After this, the students gets admission in A Level which is more advanced level than O Level. Than the students complete A Level in two years from the same university and gets A Level degree.

Pakistan Scouts Cadet College Batrasi (Mansehra) an elite institution which is providing this education since 2011 successfully. On arrival of Principal  Brig (Retd) Abdul Hafeez in May 2013 the college started this programme in more organized manner.

The college has well trained faculty through British Council for O & A level Education by the efforts of the Principal Brig (Retd) Abdul Hafeez. The faculty of O & A level consists of.

  1. Assistant Professor Mr Sajid Hussain,  Urdu
  2. Assistant Professor Mr Aurangzeb Abbasi,  Biology
  3. Assistant Professor Mr Muhammad Saleem,  Physics
  4. Assistant Professor Mr Muhammad Jameel Khan, Pak Study
  5. Lecturer Mr Jawad Mehboob,  Mathematics
  6. Lecturer Mr. Muhammad Faheem Khan, Computer science
  7. Lecturer Mr Muhammad Ejaz,  Urdu
  8. Lecturer Mr Tela Muhammad Khan,  English
  9. Lecturer Mr. Muhammad Sohail Malik ,Computer science
  10. Lecturer Mr Uzair Ishtiaq, Islamiat

The college has well organized class rooms system for this programme and provide quality education. Every year college takes 30 students for this programme out of this 50% from overseas.

 This is an opportunity for every student of 6th and 7th class to take admission in O Level and make his future bright. You can see the model papers for O Level entry test on the college website, so that you can prepare yourself for O Level entry test which usually held in January of every year.