Rules & Regulation

a.         All cadets of gross indiscipline shall be decided by the College Council, presided by Principal. Decisions taken by the College Council shall be final and unchallengeable in any court of law.

b.        The acts of following nature can result in Discharge/expulsion of Scout Cadet from the College, with or without warning.

i.          Indiscipline, cheating, lying and stealing, use of abusive language and immoral conduct.

ii.         Leaving the College campus in an unauthorized dress and without proper permission of the House Master.

iii.        Rudeness to staff members and seniors.

iv.        Keeping fire arms, knives of large size or other lethal weapon.

v.         Smoking or using any drug or narcotics.

vi.        Willfully or deliberately damaging the college property.

vii.       Being habitually unpunctual, untidy, slovenly or unkempt.

viii.      Consistent poor performance in academics or provisional/conditional admission.

ix.        Absence from dormitories or Houses after lights out timing.

x.         Taking part in strikes, protests, intergroup fights, politics and indulgence in rowdyism.

xi.        keeping undesirable literature and unauthorized items.

c.         The Scout Cadets are not allowed to keep any other item of clothing except those given in approved clothing list.

d.        The names of relatives and friends, along with their full addresses, authorized to see the Scout Cadets must be intimated to the College or else they should bring along a letter of authority from the parents, (with original CNIC).

e.         Parents or visitors must not see Scout Cadet on working days without first obtaining permission of the House Master concerned.

f.         No Scout Cadet is allowed to open a private account in the local post office or bank without permission of the House Master, and he is not allowed to keep a credit account with the College cafeteria or shops.

g.         It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to arrange safe journey back to the college during the breaks/holidays for their sons/wards for going home.